Uses of audience response system

When speaking or interacting with larger groups, Audience response can be a powerful technology tool. By issuing everyone in the audience with a wireless audience response system, you can take audience involvement to a whole new level. Here are the 5 most popular uses of ARS:

EDUCATION: The use of Audience Response Systems as an active learning strategy in education has been steadily on the rise. Audience Response Systems allow the dynamic engagement of attendees at a conference by providing immediate two-way communication between the speaker and the audience. ARS can be used to explore knowledge and common misconceptions, act as a springboard for discussions, and can be used for testing or evaluation of the program.

Sms Voting

Sms Voting

OPINION POLL: This is usually completed right after the audience has been presented with something new and the corporation or association is looking for opinions whether or not to go forward with the concept through Sms Voting. For years it has been used to test new movies or TV shows. Now it is used in the event meeting services industry to get attendees involved. Use ARS to poll opinions about new products, changes in marketing strategy, or rank organizational priorities.

SURVEY: Because these system rentals allow participants to be anonymous, there is a greater chance that the attendee’s will be honest and answer all the questions.

ADULT LEARNING GAMES: When taking a large audience and dividing them into teams, the wireless response units can be used to tally the results of each team at every milestone. Many organizations have found this method useful in training attendees on what might be considered boring.

Audience Response

Audience Response

COMMUNICATION WITH SPEAKER DIRECTLY: The newest audience response systems are now armed with a microphone and live text messaging function so a presenter and audience member can interact instantaneously. The microphone allows the attendee to ask a question without leaving their seat, which is helpful especially when there are only a few standing microphones or the room is extremely full.


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