Benefits of using audience response systems

classroom clickers

classroom clickers

Audiences are the key component of every event, conference or even a classroom and getting their complete attention and their responses would be the only factor that will make the event and your efforts a success. When audiences are given a chance to express their opinions, knowledge or findings they will definitely enjoy the event and that is the main motive of the event. The audience response systems play a great role in helping you achieve the best ratings and responses from people and audiences. There are different devices that you can use to get responses from the audience. These devices are mainly used for a voting system but the audiences can even ask questions via text or chat live with the speakers. However the availability of chat is for those who have smart phones or laptops/tabs, people with simple cellular phones can vote and text and conferences or events where there is voting to be done there are voting keypads through which the audiences can only vote.

Classroom clickers can also be categorized under the heading of audience response systems but lately they are being used by the name of student response systems. Although you can find many student response system devices on the internet but the most effective of all are these clickers where the teacher hands in clickers to the students and instead of taking an MCQ test or a quiz written or verbally the students can just click in the right answer option and the results will be displayed to you.  This does not take much time and as students nowadays are bored of the conventional teaching methods of the teachers this can be a way to get their attention and response in a positive way that will encourage them to actually listen to what the teachers are saying and participate in all classroom activities and when students enjoy the classroom session they will obviously take interest in what the teachers are teaching them and will generate higher results.


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