E-Voting and Audience Response System

With overspread work regions paper feedback and voting is not sufficient to meet the needs. Now biggest concern of many organizations is to use modern technologies like interactive whiteboards, document camera, touch screen, writing tablets etc. For quick and fool proof response electronic voting system is the best option. This system is smarter as well as sharper. It is suited for many purposes. Among electronic voting, audience response (ARS) is a system which uses wireless pads for effective communication between presenter and audience. Audience can vote their opinions and can answer the questions to the presenters.

Electronic voting increases the speed casting and count of votes as well and increases the quick response from audience. Electronic voting consists on different components such as voting pads, storage devices, and a software to operate these devices. Storage devices store the data and show it on the screen. Hardware used in the system is based on two technologies to send the data; Infrared technology is used for a quick communication of a small group. Radiofrequency system can handle hundreds of voters and is best suited for larger group environments.

Electronic voting has several advantages and uses. In education it is used to capture the opinions and thoughts of students and trainees by conducting a poll. By using ARS you can eradicate misunderstandings and communication gap because it is two way responses. Hence it keeps the audience more empowered and engaged. ARS boosts interest and eagerness of audience in discussions and evaluations which results in more knowledge retention. This system is very helpful in recording individual responses. Audience participates in active discussions and answers the option which is right according to them by their pads.

This data is received by the presenter in no time. Hence it can track unbiased and honest responses in presentations and team meetings. Usage of ARS is not confined to educational and training purposes only; different companies also arrange polls to get input from their clients and customers. There are different ARS service providers worldwide. Crowdcomm is one of the best. They offer a wide range of ARS services in different ways like for smart phones, mobile phones, voting pads and private messaging boards.


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