Generate All Responses

It is often noted that a person conducting a business seminar or any other lecture which requires immediate feedback, the feedback in most cases is delayed. One needs feedback to learn about the success of his lecture or seminar but this response from the audience is often confusing and doesn’t let the conductor decide whether he was a success or not. To find out about the authentic and true Audience Response, there is one easy method to be followed. Get your hands on the voting and polling pads. The polling pads and just like mobile phones which can be used to generate all kinds of responses from the audience. These little keypads can be purchased in bulks from Votetextchat to get discounts on their purchase and get them in best quality.

voting systemThe advantage of having this Voting System in a seminar is the immediate response and feedback from the audience and the change strategies the conductor can implement in order to grasp the attention of the audience. The polling pads need not be used by the end of a seminar, they can be used even mid-way the lecture. Here are four or three buttons on the polling pad which let the audience decide whether they like the seminar, they don’t like it or they think it’s bearable. For example if in mid-way of the seminar the speaker finds out that the audience feels bored, he will change his tone of speaking or change the visual presentations into audio ones. This change in strategy will allow the audience to start interacting with the speaker and pay more attention.

This polling system can be used within a class as well. The university students can also use these polling keypads to tell their teachers and lecturers to stop when they feel lost during a lecture and repeat the previous point. However this can only be done with utmost cooperation from the lecturer and the students as well. No need to reply on older methods of generating responses when you have this simple method which is accurate and immediate.


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