Generate All Responses

It is often noted that a person conducting a business seminar or any other lecture which requires immediate feedback, the feedback in most cases is delayed. One needs feedback to learn about the success of his lecture or seminar but this response from the audience is often confusing and doesn’t let the conductor decide whether he was a success or not. To find out about the authentic and true Audience Response, there is one easy method to be followed. Get your hands on the voting and polling pads. The polling pads and just like mobile phones which can be used to generate all kinds of responses from the audience. These little keypads can be purchased in bulks from Votetextchat to get discounts on their purchase and get them in best quality.

voting systemThe advantage of having this Voting System in a seminar is the immediate response and feedback from the audience and the change strategies the conductor can implement in order to grasp the attention of the audience. The polling pads need not be used by the end of a seminar, they can be used even mid-way the lecture. Here are four or three buttons on the polling pad which let the audience decide whether they like the seminar, they don’t like it or they think it’s bearable. For example if in mid-way of the seminar the speaker finds out that the audience feels bored, he will change his tone of speaking or change the visual presentations into audio ones. This change in strategy will allow the audience to start interacting with the speaker and pay more attention.

This polling system can be used within a class as well. The university students can also use these polling keypads to tell their teachers and lecturers to stop when they feel lost during a lecture and repeat the previous point. However this can only be done with utmost cooperation from the lecturer and the students as well. No need to reply on older methods of generating responses when you have this simple method which is accurate and immediate.


Generate All Sorts of Response

classroom clickers

classroom clickers

While there are classes which require the generation of certain responses from the audience, there is always the need to generate response using certain means and mediums which can state accurate responses and actions of the audience. While people have stuck to the traditional ways of getting the audience’s response by letting them raise their hands if they agree on a certain option or point. There are polling pads and keypads used in order to generate accurate and reliable response from the sitting audience. These pads are often called Classroom clickers which help the people working in a classroom, a business seminar or any other situation generate the response of people sitting as the audience.

With the help of these clickers, one can easily become aware about everything that the audience is thinking and learning from the particular happening seminar or lecture. Other than their use in practical life during lectures and business seminars, one can also use them in live television and other media related happenings. For example, there are a lot of voting shows in which voting by the fans and audience is required which can be generated accurately and easily by using these polling pads. Since these shows have a high percentage of the ending of the show depending upon the Audience Response, these clickers and poling pads have proved to be very important for them.

The advantages of using these polling pads include the immediate responses gained on screen, audience participation will be seen, audience will be engaged in the activity, feedback of the event will be evaluated instantly, you will be able to refine and reinforce an idea into your audience’s mind in case they haven’t understood a certain point and a lot more. Polling pads and clickers have proven to be the best option for people in order to generate certain response from anyone who is supposed to be interacting in an event. This can also be considered a transformed and innovative way of texting to tell the lecturer how the audience feels about his lecture.

How to Achieve a Resounding Audience Response

Conferences done in the twenty first century are quite different from those done in past centuries. In the past, crude equipment, loudspeakers, microphones and so forth are used in conferences but today state-of-the-art electronic devices are employed for effectiveness in the process. In addition to the ultramodern facilities used for conferences today, the software industry now provides different software which can be used in retrieving responses from audiences.

Crowdcomms makes lots of software apps available to you which can be used for mobile polling and retrieving information from your audience. Here, you can access the best Classroom clickers, voting systems, voting keypads and SMS voting which can be used in polling everywhere. The software and systems provided here can also be used for education purposes as they allow for maximum interaction between a presenter and his audience.

With Audience Response systems (ARS), a presenter will be able  to ascertain whether or not his audiences understand what he or she is teaching. This gives room for improvement and absolute participation. The top notch ARS provided by Crowdcomms gives room for the capturing of lead information as well as the appropriate and simultaneous evaluation of the discussion sessions.

audience response

audience response

Delegates are perhaps the most important people in your conference or event and you have to give them the opportunity to express their opinions, ask different questions and say what they have in minds in the events. You also need to get feedbacks from them in order to ensure that the event moves on as supposed. The ARS provided by Crowdcomms offers you the easiest ways to enhance your seminar and presents to you the best platform to select the award winners in your event. Simply select the “Contact Us” button in the website in order to contact the staff for purchasing the software and systems provided here for the overall effectiveness and the optimization of your event.

Benefits of using audience response systems

classroom clickers

classroom clickers

Audiences are the key component of every event, conference or even a classroom and getting their complete attention and their responses would be the only factor that will make the event and your efforts a success. When audiences are given a chance to express their opinions, knowledge or findings they will definitely enjoy the event and that is the main motive of the event. The audience response systems play a great role in helping you achieve the best ratings and responses from people and audiences. There are different devices that you can use to get responses from the audience. These devices are mainly used for a voting system but the audiences can even ask questions via text or chat live with the speakers. However the availability of chat is for those who have smart phones or laptops/tabs, people with simple cellular phones can vote and text and conferences or events where there is voting to be done there are voting keypads through which the audiences can only vote.

Classroom clickers can also be categorized under the heading of audience response systems but lately they are being used by the name of student response systems. Although you can find many student response system devices on the internet but the most effective of all are these clickers where the teacher hands in clickers to the students and instead of taking an MCQ test or a quiz written or verbally the students can just click in the right answer option and the results will be displayed to you.  This does not take much time and as students nowadays are bored of the conventional teaching methods of the teachers this can be a way to get their attention and response in a positive way that will encourage them to actually listen to what the teachers are saying and participate in all classroom activities and when students enjoy the classroom session they will obviously take interest in what the teachers are teaching them and will generate higher results.